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"J’ai été très heureux avec le cours. Les leçons ont été très bien gérées, menées, animées, amusantes, avec beaucoup de variété et imagination.
J’ai appris beaucoup. Je sens que mon français s’est amélioré." Matt - 14.07.2015

"I’ve really enjoyed the approach taken to teaching French at Alliance. Each of the teachers I’ve done courses with have been excellent ; always well-prepared, extremely good at encouraging the institutionally language-shy brits to have a go at speaking and they create a fun learning environment even when we’re all arriving tired from a day’s work !" Matt - 10.07.2015

"This is an excellent first class course. Un des grands moments de ma semaine depuis TRES longtemps !" David - May 2015

"Very good introduction to French and I am looking forward to the elementary level. The main point for me is that the course + tutor are not intimidating" Beginners - May 2015

"My French has improved so much. I am delighted !" Advanced + Conversation - May 2015

"It is ’the’ place to come to, to learn French." DELF B2 - May 2015

"Very enthusiastic staff, nice venue !" Elementary Conversation - May 2015

"Really enjoyed all courses. Range of topics very good + brings the language alive." Intermediate 3 - May 2015

"Courses are superb in all respects, particularly the very high level of professionalism of the teaching staff, who are all excellent and such good teachers." Brian- 14.05.2015

"Merci beaucoup au professeur. Il stimule bien la conversation et il a toujours beaucoup d’histoires intéressantes. Je pense que "Édito" est un excellent manuel." John- 12.03.2015

"I’ve almost finished the Intermediate 1 course which is my 5th session at AF. I really enjoy coming to the lessons. The group sizes are good and the atmosphere in the lessons is always welcoming and relaxing and I feel that I’m making progress. The resources were excellent and the activities were interesting and challenging." Teresa - 11.03.2015

"The depth of knowledge and in depth lesson preparation of the tutor has ensured the success of the lessons... will be difficult to better." Christopher - 08.02.2015

"It has been a joy to have such a competent teacher this year - and it is just a year ago I signed up." Marion - 03.02.2015