About us

About us

We are Manchester’s official centre for French language and culture!

A Manchester Institution

Since 1997, the Alliance Française de Manchester has been serving an ever-growing community of Mancunian French-language enthusiasts. We are an apolitical, non-religious, not-for-profit organisation that is open to everyone. If you are interested in becoming part of a local and international network of people who love language diversity, positive dialogue and cultural exchange, then come and say "bonjour", we’d love to meet you!

A Local Charity with International Connections

More than just a language school, the Alliance Française in Manchester is a locally-registered and locally-run charity which is also part of an international organisation for the promotion and support of the French language, with 834 member institutions across 5 continents and in 132 countries. Headquartered in Paris, the Fondation Alliance Française provides a quality framework which ensures that services at all of the Alliances Françaises around the world are of the same high professional standard.

Our National Network

On a national level, the Manchester Alliance Française is part of a thriving UK-wide network of Alliances – there is an Alliance Française in Bristol/Bath, Cambridge, Exeter/Dartington, Glasgow, Jersey, Leeds, Milton-Keynes, Newcastle, Oxford and York too.


The Board of Trustees:
Guy Robson, Derek Hall, Richard Harrington, Rachel Hayward, Joseph McGonagle, Rodolphe Soulard

The Admin Team:
Xavier Lavry (Director), Alison Kapor (Admin Manager), Isabelle Bonsall (Course Director), Rebecca Critchley (Course and Exams Admin), Becky Zahabi (Assistant Course Administrator), Zara Qureshi (Language Office Admin Assistant)

Culture and Communication Team:
Rachel Benoliel, Guillaume Dechandon

Teaching Team:
Nadia Bloch, Myriam Joly, Nathalie Lacroute, Nabila Lakouraï, Juliette Laquille, Colas Malaise, Stéphanie Pierre, Violaine Reinbold, Cyrille Rollet, Grégoire Ternoy, Alexandre Vonrospach, Vincent Watroba

The Alliance Française de Manchester is supported by:

Our local partners:


The core values of the international Alliance Française network are respect and common benefit. As such, at the Alliance Française de Manchester, we expect and seek to maintain tolerance, understanding and courtesy, and cannot accept any abusive or violent behaviour.

Please read our Code of Conduct.