Past events

Concours de remplissage de bulles de BD


During the week of the Francophonie, we left available to our students and our members some boards of grafic novel (BD) to fulfill.
They could fulfill a board of their choice in their way, in their different levels of French, and imagine a story from these extracts from known French comics.

Inventiveness, humor have therefore been the backbone of this contest, and the Alliance française de Manchester would like to thank all the members who participated!
We were pleasantly surprised to notice that even students who have just started studying French participated in the competition, despite the difficulty of the task!

This contest had an interesting educational component, bringing students to write a few words in French, while being a fun exercise. It was also rooted in a wider project to help our British students to discover the Francophone comics culture.

We decided to choose a winner for each BD proposed. You can see the winners below:

Le Chat, Philippe Geluck

The famous BD Astérix et Obélix, by Goscinny et Uderzo

Lulu femme nue, Etienne Davodeau

Secrets, Le serpent sous la glace (Tome 1), Jovanovic et Giroud

Special Prize to Ian Violet and his wife Anna to have spontaneously created this magnificent board of comic strip

The winners are expected to come by the Alliance to collect their prizes!