DELF Prim & DELF Pro

Special French exams for children and professionals


The DELF Prim

This exam is for primary-school age children, and is run at the same levels as the general DELF exams, with specially adapted questions and exam topics.

Why take the DELF Prim?

  • To reward the pupils’ work at school and treat them with their first language diploma.
  • To give pupils the opportunity to be well prepared to pass the next levels of DELF through their progress at school, as well as be better prepared for national exams like the French GCSE or A level.
  • To officially attest the level of French of your students with an internationally recognized certification, highly valued in higher education and the job market.

Next "Prim" Session: May 2020

Exam Dates Registration deadline Fees
DELF A1.1 Prim 1 May 19 February £45
DELF A1 Prim 5 May 19 February £45
DELF A2 Prim 7 May 19 February £55

Download the DELF Prim Registration Form 2020, complete it and send it back to us (email and hard copy).


The DELF Pro

This exam is designed for candidates seeking proof of French level for a French-speaking professional environment, and assesses the communication skills needed for the world of work. All candidates are welcome to apply, irrespective of current employment status.

Next "Pro" Session: May 2020

Exam Dates Registration deadline Fees
DELF A1 Pro 21 May 27 April £75
DELF A2 Pro 21 May 27 April £80
DELF B1 Pro 22 May 27 April £95
DELF B2 Pro 22 May 27 April £110

Download the DELF-DALF Pro Registration Form.


Please note the exam office opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 10am - 5.30pm and Friday 10am - 4.30pm.