Past events

European short films festival

on the theme of happiness

On the occasion of Europe Day and in partnership with the Instituto Cervantes and Eurochannel, the Alliance Française de Manchester is organising a European short films festival on the theme of happiness.

Come to the Alliance Française de Manchester on 9 May at 4pm to celebrate Europe and watch a programme of 6 short films from many European countries. This programme titled "Stuck in Love" is subtitled in English and lasts one hour in total.

Have a look at the programme "Stuck in Love":

Bastille Day (2015), by Michaël Barocas (France), Drama, Romance
Bravoman (2016), by Evelina Barsegian (Russia), Comedy
The Jacket (2014), by Patrick Vollrath (Austria), Drama
The love that could not be hidden (2014), by Cristina Justribo and Isabel Gutierrez Sanchez (Spain), Comedy, Musical
Parallel (2012), Olivier l’Inconnu (France), Drama
Almost Perfect (2014), by Artis Dobrovojskis (Latvia), Drama, Romance

The festival will continue at the Instituto Cervantes on 10 May at 6:30pm with the programme "Stand by me" with English subtitles. The following short films will be screened:

Pan-Demia (2014), by Rubén Sainz (Spain), Drama
Farewell (2015), Tiago Rosa-Rosso (Portugal), Drama
The Trolleybus Man (2016), Jonas Trukanas (Lithuania), Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Ad Eternum (2014), Xavier Cruzado (Spain), Drama
Boulevard des Italiens (2014), Matteo Querci (Italy), Comedy
Stock Exchange (2013), Frédéric Mosbeux and Stéphane Everaert (Belgium), Comedy/Thriller

Do not worry if you have missed the screening of the programme "Stuck in Love" because we will end the festival screening it once again on Friday 12 May at 6pm at the Alliance Française de Manchester!