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"Fada, va!" Sélection provençale

Come enjoy the Southern sun and escape within the pages of books that fill the air with a smell of lavender and pastis...


  • Marius by Marcel Pagnol : Love letter to Provence and the Marseilles slang, this play is a classic of Southern French literature. Marius and Fanny have been flirting for years under the fatherly gaze of the local bar owner, César. But Marius also dreams of wider horizons and dreams to sail off into adventure
  • Le Comte by Monte-Cristo d’Alexandre Dumas: Vengence, betrayal, prison, buried treasure and mysterious strangers, that is what awaits you if you choose to pick up this book. It tells the tale of Edmond Dantès, a young marine who is wrongfully imprisoned and starts to plot his revenge after spending 14 years behind bars.
  • Un aller simple by Didier Van Cauwelaert : Winner of the Prix Goncourt of 1994, this fun and touching novel follows Aziz, a young man from Marseille, who sees his world turned upside down when a idealistic man forces him to rediscover his Moroccan homeland.


  • Tartarin de Tarascon by Alphonse Daudet : Discover the funny and surreal adventures of a naive hero. This book was hated by everyone from Tarascon who thought this stupid character did not represent any of them. Flaubert, however, considered this book to be "un chef d’œuvre". Discover it now in the format of a comic book with beautiful drawings by Pierre Guilmard.


  • Jean de Florette by Claude Berri: Marvelous adaptation of Pagnol’s novel, discover Gérard Depardieu in one of his best roles. Enter the world of 1920s Provence and follow Ugolin and Jean as they fight against predjudice and against each other.
  • Manon des Sources by Claude Berri: The sequel to "Jean de Florette", this film follows the daughter of Jean in her quest for vengence but also freedom. Daniel Auteuil won the best actor César for this film and Emmanuelle Béart won best supporting actress.
  • Taxi 2 by Gérard Krawczyk: Crazy film following the adventures of a mad taxi driver who becomes entangled with the Japanese mafia, this light comedy is perfect for a rainy afternoon!