Past events

Fêtons ensemble le 14 juillet!

Let’s celebrate Bastille Day together this 14th of July!
Share a French dinner with your friends from the Alliance for an amazing prize.

On the 14 July, many events are organised all around France: fireworks, firemen bals, military parades...
At the Alliance of Manchester, we invite all of you to join us and enjoy a traditional French meal along with lovely French conversation!

The Alliance française has a long standing partnership with Cote Brasserie, and is thrilled to invite you to a dinner at 7pm.
You will also be treated to a free Kir!

2 courses: £10,95

3 courses : £12,95

The English expression "Bastille Day" forgets part of the History of that day. There are other reasons for the choice of the 14 July as the "fête nationale".
If you are a history enthusiast or just have a curious mind, check out this article to know more about this very special day. People learning French can also listen to the article if they wish to practice their listening skills: