Mozart Requiem Screening

Free screening: Aix-en-Provence festival

Requiem, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

With Mozart, all music is theatre. Symphony, string quartet, serenade… This also holds true for his religious music. Inhabited by this conviction, the bard of the boards Romeo Castellucci and the impassioned Mozartian Raphaël Pichon take hold of the unfinished Requiem by Amadeus in order to make it into a moving theatrical meditation, enriched with numerous barely known vocal pieces. Staged for the first time at the Théâtre de l’Archevêché, the final chef d’oeuvre by Mozart appears not only to be a ritual for the repose of the dead, but also the celebration of the forces of life. Which, through the losses which rhythm the history of the world, continue to stimulate human generations.

Conductor: Raphaël Pichon*
Stage Director, Set, Costume and Lighting Designer: Romeo Castellucci
Associate Director and Costume Designer: Silvia Costa
Dramaturge: Piesandra di Matteo

Soprano: Siobhan Stagg
Alto: Sara Mingardo
Tenor: Martin Mitterrutzner
Bass: Luca Tittoto*
Singing child: Chadi Lazreq or Elias Pariente**
Chorus and orchestra: Pygmalion

*Former artists of the Académie
**Member of the Maîtrise des Hauts-de-Seine

Location: Alliance Française de Manchester
Date: Friday September 20
Time: 6pm
Duration: 1h30

Sung in Latin with French surtitles

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This projection is made possible by a partnership with the Orange Foundation and Arte