French Film Club

French Film Club

Free screenings of specially selected films in French with English subtitles!

Would you like to discover the best of Francophone and French cinema, for free on a big screen? With regularly-scheduled Friday evening and Wednesday afternoon fortnightly screenings, you can enjoy a wide range of Francophone and French films, along with time for discussion at the end of each film so you can share your thoughts.

Join our French Film Club for free French films!

If you would like to find out how to join our free French Film Club and get a copy of the programme, simply drop by our reception desk or give us a call on 0161 2367117.

Upcoming showings:

Date Time Film Duration Certificate
6 December 6pm Une Vie 119 min Unclassified
11 December 1:30pm Une vie 119 min Unclassified

Jeanne, a 17-year-old aristocrat’s daughter, leaves the convent and begins like with her future husband Julien, who gradually becomes selfish and unfaithful. The only thing that seems to save her is the love she has for her children. This film is adapted from the 19th century novel by Maupassant. Watch the trailer here!