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Would you like to discover the best of Francophone and French cinema, for free on a big screen ? With regularly-scheduled Friday evening and Wednesday afternoon fortnightly screenings, you can enjoy a wide range of Francophone and French films, along with time for discussion at the end of each film so you can share your thoughts.

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If you would like to find out how to join our free French Film Club and get a copy of the programme, simply drop by our reception desk or give us a call on +44 (0)161 236 7117.

Upcoming showings - Cycle : "Prénoms de femmes"

24 January 6pm Barbara 98 min CTBA
29 January 1:30pm Barbara 98 min CTBA
7 February 6pm Geronimo 107 min CTBA
12 February 1:30pm Geronimo 107 min CTBA
21 February 6pm Victoria 96 min 15
26 February 1:30pm Victoria 96 min 15

24 - 29 January : Barbara by Mathieu Amalric (2017)

Actor Brigitte is preparing for the role of the iconic French singer Barbara. The actress carefully studies the character, gestures, manners, and intonations. She learns the music scores, mimics her facial expression, but, as Brigitte does and more and more of it, she gradually merges with the character. The director is also preparing to shoot the film : he studies archival footage and painstakingly selects the music. He is inspired and even possessed—but with Barbara or with her new incarnation ? Watch the trailer here !

The film will be introduced by Dr Barbara Lebrun, Senior Lecturer in French Cultural Studies at the University of Manchester and specialist on French popular music.

7 - 12 February : Geronimo by Tony Gatlif (2014)

South of France. In the sultry August heat, Geronimo, a young social educator, tries to ease tensions between the youngsters of the St Pierre neighborhood. The mood changes when Nil Terzi, a teenage girl of Turkish origin, flees an arranged marriage, running to the arms of her gypsy lover, Lucky Molina. Their escape sparks hostilities between the two clans. When the jousting and the musical battles begin, Geronimo struggles to quell the ensuing unrest around her. Watch the trailer here !

The film will be introduced by Dr Isabelle Vanderschelden, Head of French/French Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University and specialist on French cinema.

21 - 26 February : Victoria by Justine Triet (2016)

Victoria is a thirty-something lawyer who’s looking for stability and true love in her life struggling with her past. Her search is not evident but finally, she realizes the fact that love should not be always searched. Watch the trailer here !