Congolese Women Speak

Congolese Women Speak

Friday 13 March 2020 @ AF Manchester (6pm)

Did you know that after France, the country which has the most French speakers in the world is the Democratic Republic of Congo?

As part of the month of March that celebrates Francophonie, come along to learn about this country through four Congolese women who live in Manchester: Dr Peggy Mulongo, Philomène Mujinga, Aïda Safari and Euphrasie Lulendo.

The evening will be divided into several parts:

  • Peggy will first introduce you to the Democratic Republic of Congo, speaking in French with a powerpoint in English.
  • Philomène, Aïda and Euphrasie will then read stories that they have written about their country in French, and they will sing to you in their African languages.

Dr Siobhan Brownlie, from the University of Manchester, who ran the writing workshop where Philomène, Aïda and Euphrasie created their texts, will be in dialogue with them. There will also be time for audience questions at the end of the evening.

A French-English bilingual booklet of the women’s writings has been published which you’ll be able to purchase for £5.