Night of Ideas (Talk)

Night of Ideas

Artificial vs. Natural intelligence – Can robots think like us?

What does it mean to think and who or what is able to do so?
Do artificial neural networks work just like a brain?
Can we consider robots to be more alive than trees and octopuses?

Each January, during "La Nuit des Idées", intellectuals, researchers and artists gather across the globe to talk and debate.

This year’s main theme is "Being Alive", and so we are honoured that on Thursday 30 January 2020 at 18:00, Professor Matthew Cobb (Professor of Zoology at the University of Manchester), Professor Angelo Cangelosi (Professor of Machine Learning and Robotics at the University of Manchester) and Rebecca Zahabi (Manchester based writer) will help us explore the science of the brain, artificial intelligence, and the nature of consciousness.

  • Professor Cobb will explain how our perception of the brain has evolved through history and how we think of our grey matter today, in this time of advanced technologies.
  • Professor Cangelosi will speak about developmental robotics and how machine learning models are designed to reproduce human behavioural and cognitive capabilities.
  • Rebecca Zahabi will discuss how non-human organic life, non-organic intelligent life and non-human intelligence have been represented in literature, before we open the floor for questions and a general discussion.

We look forward to raising more questions than we can answer with this interactive event – come along and get involved in the debate!

Presentations in English - Open to all

With the support of Institut Français du Royaume-Uni