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Objects, Litterature and Technology

Out with the old? The disappearance of objects in the age of technology…

Over the past decades, the objects we use to communicate have completely changed, as well as the way we read, write, find out about things and keep in touch with each other. We often hear that technology is harmful, but are all its consequences as negative as we think?

On Wednesday 26 October, François Bon, a French author, will come to the Alliance Française to present his most recent work, Autobiographie des objets, and to talk about the links between objects, literature and technology and how these have shaped and continue to shape our lives.
Price: Free
Time: 4:30 – 6:00 pm

A translation of some chapters of the book is available in English:

François Bon published his first book, Sortie d’usine, in 1982. He is a prolific and versatile writer, with published works that include autobiography, fiction and a rock-music trilogy: biographies of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin. Since the beginning of the noughties, he has been experimenting with drama, documentary film and creative writing workshops. He launched his first website in 1997, and today this has become his main platform for creation and experimentation: Currently a teacher of the literary arts at the National School of Arts Paris-Cergy, François Bon has recently founded his own editorial company, Tiers Livre Éditeur.