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Pâques - retour en enfance

"Comme un français"

If traditions on Easter come from the Christian calendar, they were perpetuated losing their religious connotation for a majority of French people - as the Christmas tree surrounded by gifts.

Your Alliance recreates this pagan and familial celebration during the week predating Easter Sunday : eggs chocolates will be hidden in its premises !

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Your AF will be closed on Friday 25 March for a week... just before Easter. In France Easter Sunday is on the 27 March this year and Easter Monday will take place on the 28 March.
It is the opportunity to organize you few days with the theme of Easter before you take your vacation without French courses !

In France, the families used to hide chocolate eggs in houses and gardens that children search for : everyone can eat the chocolate he found !

Of course it is not about a infantile treasure hunt on a specific day ; chocolate eggs will only be hidden in small corners at the Alliance during all week, and those who find them during their time in the AF can eat the eggs they get.

If you are looking for more information about the religious face of Easter :