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Rayon de soleil maghrébin sur Manchester

Sélection de diverses ressources francophones - volet 1: le Maghreb

Interested in learning more about francophone culture?

Victor Hugo, Albert may already know some name of famous French authors! What would you think about discovering authors/directors who also write in French from other parts of the world?

Francophone litterature or cinema is of course not limited to French litterature and cinema. Therefore this week your Alliance offers to guide you into a sunny selection, with resources from Maghreb authors/filmmakers!


The litterature selection is quite varied to please everyone: two novels, a book of short stories, a play and a book of poetry!

Le chant du lys et du basilic, by Latifa Ben Mansour (1998)
This Algerian author takes us into the story of a childhood divided between two cultures - under French decolonization of Algeria.

Les anges meurent de nos blessures, by Yasmina Khadra (2013)
It’s colonial Algeria of the 1920s that Khadra portrayed in this critically acclaim novel.

La ceinture de l’Ogresse, by Rachid Mimouni (1990)
If you do not want to tackle a novel yet, take this book with seven short stories! It is highly critical of the administrative system of Algeria.

Rimbaud et Shéhérazade, by Abdellatif Lââbi (2000)
This is a play considered innovative as we bequeath Moroccan writer Abdellatif Laabi, in a style that combines the Eastern tale, the philosophical tale, political discourse.

Le cœur insulaire, by Mohammed Dib (2000)
To finish, have a look at this book of poetry.


Avoir 20 ans dans les Aurès, directed by Ren Vautier

"travail d’arabe" (Momo le héros), directed by Christian Philibert (2003) (comedy)

Samia, directed by Philippe Faucon (2000) (drama)