Student Portal

Link to student portal

What can I use the Student Portal to do?

  • Find your timetable
  • Download class materials
  • Catch up on what was covered in a class you missed
  • Contact your teacher* and classmates
  • Contact the Alliance Française administration

How do I connect to the Student Portal?

You will need your student login and password to access the Espace Etudiant. This will have been sent to you when you first enrolled in a class with us. If you have not received the automated message with the login and password, if you have lost it, or you are having difficulty connecting, please contact the reception by email at or by phone at 0161 236 7117.

Click here to access the ‘Student Portal’

*Please note that:

  • The Espace Etudiant is designed to complement your classes, and is not an online course. It cannot completely replace any classes for which a student may have been absent. Teachers will not be able to use this space to provide catch-up tuition.
  • In accordance with our Code of Conduct, the Alliance Française reserves the right to block access to the Espace Etudiant in the event of messages/behaviour which it deems to be inappropriate.