“Very enthusiastic and capable teacher - making the sessions super interesting and managing to continue to deliver great content / teaching despite the interruption from Covid-19.” April 2020

"I am very impressed by how sophisticated this software is. There is virtually no difference between classes on site and classes online. I like the fact that we still have the ability to work in smaller groups, and also still able to watch videos / listen to audio at the same time." April 2020

"I am really impressed with the alliance, the lessons and the tutors they are all fantastic. I feel it has gone above and beyond to deliver lessons with the current situation, thank you very much." April 2020

"As a freelancer I do a lot of online courses and so far I had not had the opportunity to try Adobe Connect, but I think it’s probably one of the best programs I’ve seen for this kind of activity: user-friendly, with lots of possible actions and it doesn’t seem to have too many problems to handle bigger groups. Great choice!" April 2020

"I love doing the courses at AFM. The tutors are inspirational, in a class of their own, the level of teaching is superb and the support and encouragement offered is motivational." April 2020

"I‘be been hesitant about taking French lessons (despite having a French wife). But the classes are very well structured and the teachers are very patient and supportive, making me less self conscious about taking risks and giving me some more confidence to learn." April 2020

"I had never taken part in an online session like that before and was quite apprehensive, but you managed to make it both enjoyable and worthwhile." March 2020

"I have been a student at the Alliance Française de Manchester for many years and so naturally was concerned when the highlight of my week had to have a change of format! However, I need not have worried : the Alliance’s response to the current situation has been exceptional. I could not have asked for anything more and my lessons online have been just as enjoyable as they were before. I would strongly urge you to consider learning French at the Alliance : the teachers are very professional & friendly and language-learning is an ideal activity during this time!" April 2020

"The staff at AF Manchester are phenomenal and the cultural activities really add to the experience." February 2020

"The teacher really helped me get my confidence back after a few years of not studying french. I loved the way the class was structured and feel like the things we were taught were very well delivered and have helped me develop as a learner." - February 2020

"Teaching was of a high standard and as a student, I felt comfortable and encouraged during lessons. Lessons were very enjoyable with a good mix of listening, speaking, reading and grammar activities." - February 2020