French course customer survey Spring 2019

"This is the best French course I’ve ever done. It’s very organised and the methodology used is great. I loved the fact that we are provided with a lesson summary. That helps a lot when it comes to revising." August 2019

"I’ve recently started studying French again and this course was perfect for me. The teacher is very attentive and easy to understand. She always makes her classes entertaining and I am really happy with how the course has gone." - July 2019

"The course was really interesting, stimulating, and though-provoking. I really liked the format of the course (exercise, conversation, videos, etc...). Plus, I really loved the content, which perfectly combined grammar, culture, literature, and art." - April 2019

"Excellent material for the class + range of activities. Really interesting lessons." - October 2019

"Very well taught , learnt so much. the teacher & group are friendly and accommodating.." - July 2019

"The course is excellent. Professional, constructive, informative. Interactive and enjoyable" - September 2019