French course customer survey Spring 2019

"The staff at AF Manchester are phenomenal and the cultural activities really add to the experience." February 2020

"This is the best French course I’ve ever done. It’s very organised and the methodology used is great. I loved the fact that we are provided with a lesson summary. That helps a lot when it comes to revising." August 2019

"The teacher really helped me get my confidence back after a few years of not studying french. I loved the way the class was structured and feel like the things we were taught were very well delivered and have helped me develop as a learner." - February 2020

"The course was really interesting, stimulating, and though-provoking. I really liked the format of the course (exercise, conversation, videos, etc...). Plus, I really loved the content, which perfectly combined grammar, culture, literature, and art." - April 2019

"Excellent material for the class + range of activities. Really interesting lessons." - October 2019

"Teaching was of a high standard and as a student, I felt comfortable and encouraged during lessons. Lessons were very enjoyable with a good mix of listening, speaking, reading and grammar activities." - February 2020