“The courses were challenging and brought out the best in the participants. The well-conceived activities were conducive to the development of linguistic awareness in a stimulating cultural context." September 2021

“The teacher is *incredible*. Erudite, witty, and intelligent, she is a fountain of knowledge and a true "culture vulture". We had lots of content and fascinating lessons - I wouldn’t change a thing." September 2021

“Teachers are always professional with excellent pedagogical skills and wide ranging knowledge about francophone culture." September 2021

“I found the classes engaging and fun and I thought the teacher struck the perfect balance between letting the conversation flow and pointing out errors we were making." September 2021

“The teacher was very good at creating a relaxed atmosphere in which everybody felt free to talk." July 2021

“The course is, as always, challenging and motivating. The materials are excellent and the teacher’s conduct of the sessions is responsive to individual needs.” July 2021

“One of the most professionally delivered language courses I have done.” July 2021

“Fascinating topics, excellent teaching materials, expertly led classes.” July 2021

"The best online class I have ever seen or attended. Thank you!" February 2021

"My only regret is that I waited until now to register for a course. The teaching is excellent. As for the AFM, it is an oasis of friendliness, culture and excellent customer service in the middle of rainy Manchester." February 2021

"The teacher must spend a lot of time preparing the classes and they are brilliant. Well worth the money!" February 2021

"The courses at AF Manchester are always first rate. They’re easy to access and the staff are always prepared to help you in any way they can." February 2021

"I’ve taken many versions of this course on-site and have always been happy with the content and delivery. This is as close to the on-site experience that you can get. I’m surprised how good it is." November 2020

"The online classes are run very smoothly; participation is easy. The instructor composes very structured and engaging classes, compiling a wealth of interesting, relevant, and up-to-date teaching materials. I am very satisfied with the class overall." November 2020

"The reception desk people are always exceptionally helpful." September 2020

"The teaching has been excellent and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of online teaching. My teacher was fantastic! He is so helpful, enthusiastic and approachable and he explains things excellently." September 2020

"The online courses have been very well planned and organised. The limited number of students per class makes it possible for everyone to join in. The teachers have been excellent at managing the material and the interaction of class members." September 2020