"I’ve taken many versions of this course on-site and have always been happy with the content and delivery. This is as close to the on-site experience that you can get. I’m surprised how good it is." November 2020

"The online classes are run very smoothly; participation is easy. The instructor composes very structured and engaging classes, compiling a wealth of interesting, relevant, and up-to-date teaching materials. I am very satisfied with the class overall." November 2020

"My teacher is very good and makes learning French relevant to every day life. They keep lessons varied and have a great sense of humour which helps to make it less daunting and less like work." November 2020

"I really enjoy the lessons and my French skills are improving. It’s really rewarding and a highlight of my week, especially in lockdown." November 2020

"I did the October DALF C1 session at AF Manchester at the start of the month. I was very impressed by the measures put in place for COVID and the staff/examiners were all very nice and friendly which put me at ease. Please share this feedback. Merci beaucoup !" - October 2020

"The reception desk people are always exceptionally helpful." September 2020

"Excellent course with very good teacher. Very extensive and high quality resources." September 2020

"The explanations were very clear and easy to follow. The class interacted a lot and we got to practice grammar and speak in French during the group work. The assignments were very interesting and creative. It challenges the students to learn more about the language." September 2020

"The teaching has been excellent and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of online teaching. My teacher was fantastic! He is so helpful, enthusiastic and approachable and he explains things excellently." September 2020

"The course was flexible enough to fit around my working day, the online delivery meant I could do classes during lockdown. The teachers were always encouraging and friendly and provided a good mix of activities." September 2020

"It’s fun and interesting, my French has been rapidly refreshed in a short time, and I feel like the teacher designs very effective lessons." September 2020

"I love learning at the AF, the courses are easy to follow with a good amount of challenge and all of the staff are very helpful." September 2020

"The online courses have been very well planned and organised. The limited number of students per class makes it possible for everyone to join in. The teachers have been excellent at managing the material and the interaction of class members." September 2020

"I thought that I would find the online classes a bit soulless, but I’ve enjoyed the course. I like receiving the lesson plans and topics a few days before, so that I can read around the topic and prepare some vocab." July 2020

"A real friendly atmosphere even though online. A great way of learning through so many different activities. A very patient teacher who worked so hard to correct all our work, improve our confidence and encourage us. We feel a real group after our course and continue to meet up to practice our French conversation! Thank you so much. " July 2020

"I am very impressed by how sophisticated this software is. There is virtually no difference between classes on site and classes online. I like the fact that we still have the ability to work in smaller groups, and also still able to watch videos / listen to audio at the same time." April 2020

"As a freelancer I do a lot of online courses and so far I had not had the opportunity to try Adobe Connect, but I think it’s probably one of the best programs I’ve seen for this kind of activity: user-friendly, with lots of possible actions and it doesn’t seem to have too many problems to handle bigger groups. Great choice!" April 2020

"I’ve been hesitant about taking French lessons (despite having a French wife). But the classes are very well structured and the teachers are very patient and supportive, making me less self conscious about taking risks and giving me some more confidence to learn." April 2020