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The Chanteuse sings Modiano

The Chanteuse aka Lucy Hope will be visiting the Alliance Française de Manchester for the first time on Friday 3 November, performing her new album, released 2 October, of songs written by the Nobel Prize-winning French author, Patrick Modiano.

Dr Barbara Lebrun, Senior Lecturer in French Studies at The University of Manchester will introduce the evening with a short talk about the cultural context in which Modiano wrote his songs.

It is little known that Patrick Modiano penned exquisite lyrics for some of the famous yéyé recording artists in the late 60s/early 70s.

Lyrically, his songs are "Modianoesque": a term which has come to mean ambiguous, uncertain or to do with mysteries that slowly unravel themselves. They’re a real treat for fans of his novels and serve as early examples of themes found in his literature such as nostalgia, mystery and loss.

The Chanteuse, a Francophone torch-singer from Manchester, has specialised in performing French chanson and variété for the last six years. She is the front-woman and songwriter of psychedelic rock band The House of Glass and has recently been writing music for films, most recently for the soundtrack to Habit, a Not a Number production. Writing her Oxford MA dissertation on the work of Patrick Modiano and how his writing contributes to the depiction of voids and absences (both physical and metaphysical) in European literature and visual arts since the Second World War, Hope has become an expert in this field.

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The Chanteuse’s album/vinyl will be on sale after the concert.

Listen to the song "Les Oiseaux reviennent".