Past events

Vernissage de l’exposition "Climat, Etat d’Urgence"

We invite you to come to our "Climate Soirée", Friday 26 February!
Short enthralling lectures will open the unveiling of our pictures exhibition "Climate, State of Emergency", which will be accompanied by some French nibbles!

Our speakers will introduce some photographs from the exhibition " Climate, State of Emergency", and will use them as a starting point to raise environmental issues.
These interactive conferences will invite you to react as you wish, and to ask any questions you might have about these topics! Everything will be in English, so that everyone can participate, regardless of their level of French!

Amandine Scherrer, that some of you may have already had the opportunity to meet during our evening " 50 days before the COP21 " last October, will introduce this evening.
Our two experts, Virginie Le Masson and Steve Connor, will explore more specific topics following the introduction of Amandine.

Steve Connor will thus talk about the great transition and will evoke the future we leave to our children.
Virginie le Masson will then present her subject. She has chosen photographs from Calcutta and Bombay and will focus on the issue of water and droughts.

All the photographs from the exhibition Climate, State of Emergency will then be unveiled.
You will then be able to discover these pictures, and you will be invited to exchange some words in English or French while enjoying French nibbles.

If you want to learn more about our speakers:

Amandine Scherrer

Amandine Scherrer is a Policy Analyst and Research Coordinator at the Centre for Research on Conflicts, Liberty and Security, a European think tank. Her areas of expertise include Justice & Police cooperation in Europe. She is also interested in green politics.

Steve Connor

Steve is the CEO of the ethical communications agency Creative Concern, which he co-founded in 2002 in Manchester. For clients ranging from the Forestry Commission to Asda, Transport for Greater Manchester, Sustrans or Friends of the Earth he leads on the direction of major campaigns particularly on the sustainability, the natural environment and tourism. He is deeply steeped in integrated campaigns, natural capital, city strategies, brand development, transport, and enjoys creating strange installations out of trees, lights and beautiful type.
Steve is a trustee of the Community Forests Trust, former chair of Manchester’s climate change plan and former Chair of the Northwest Forestry Forum. He was once Comms Director at a sustainability think tank and Head of Campaigns at the Vegetarian Society

Virginie Le Masson

Virginie is a geographer working on gender, disaster risk reduction and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Her countries of expertise include France, India and the Philippines.

Virginie Le Masson holds a PhD in human geography from Brunel University (UK). Her doctoral research focused on the integration of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction with a gender perspective. Using the case of the Himalayan province of Ladakh in Northern India, her thesis documents mountain communities’ gendered daily challenges and the implications for ongoing development projects.
Before joining ODI, Virginie worked with local Non Governmental Organisations in the Philippines on participatory mapping projects with indigenous communities. She also assisted the French Red Cross disaster risk management program in Reunion Island, Indian Ocean. More recently, Virginie worked as a lecturer on a Study Abroad programme comparing climate change policies in the US, Vietnam, Morocco and Bolivia.