Your French Library

Your French Library

A French language library for all!

Whether you are a movie buff, a literature lover, into current affairs or looking to find out more about French and Francophone culture, there is something in our library for you.

What is in the French library?

We want you to love reading books and watching films in French as much as we do, so we have lots of novels, drama, DVDs, audio books, photo guides, translations and graphic novels in French for you to enjoy. You can stay up to date with contemporary events, fashions and culture with our wide-ranging selection of French magazines and newspapers.
You can browse our DVD catalogue here.

Who can use the French library?

The library is open to all and you can read anything you like from the collection for free in our comfortable reading area. If you would like to take the items home with you, our reasonably-priced membership is open to all. Did you know that when you enrol on a French course with us, you automatically become a library member free-of-charge for one year? Your teacher will advise you regularly on the library resources available and accessible at your level.

Reading in Alliance Française library

The French Learners’ Library

The French Learners’ Library is a special section of the French library dedicated to learning resources we recommend to you if you are a beginner to advanced-level student of French.

What French learning resources are available?

There are French manuals, exercise books and guides, but also general interest books about French language and easy readers for you to enjoy. Topics covered include French grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, communication, verb conjugation, dictionaries and reference, reading comprehension and linguistics.

Membership prices and loans

Membership type Price
Individual £30
Student, under 25, French teachers £15/£10*

All memberships are valid for one year. You can borrow up to 4 books, 4 magazines, 2 DVDs, 2 "Easy Readers" and 2 learning resources!
*special offer between 1 September and 15 October

As an AF de Manchester library member, you can show your card to benefit from a range of French-related special offers! Discover our Membership Benefits page.
Read the full French library terms and conditions here (PDF).