e-French Gastronomie

e-French Gastronomie

Discover and practise some delicious cooking from France and Francophone countries!

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This starter from Provence is made with baguette dough, and is delicious when garnished wih olives, bacon cubes, or mozarella (amongst many other toppings!). Get creative and let us know what topping you choose!

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Prepare these classy, tasty Madeleines, and feel like Marcel Proust for an afternoon...

The expression ’Madeleine de Proust’ comes from a moment where dipping a madeleine in tea transports the narrator of "In Search of Lost Time" back in time to vividly relive childhood summers spent in the countryside. The expression is now in common language and designates the experience of being taken back in time thanks to a dish or a flavour, and even music or a smell... What taste or smell brings you back to your childhood summers?

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It’s officially cherry season! The Clafoutis is a perfect dessert in which to use this delicious fruit - the traditional recipe leaves the cherry pits in and is traditionally eaten outdoors (traditional distance contest optional).
We recommend removing the pits for the indoor version, or if you don’t have a cherry pitter, giving everyone eating it good warning!

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Salade niçoise

Check out this vibrant summer salad from the southern town of Nice. It tastes of sunshine and the seaside!

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Tarte au citron meringuée

Add some fresh zest to your dinner with this sharp and sweet French treat: une tarte au citron meringuée!

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Tapenade d’olives noires

How about adding a delicious Southern French touch to your apéritif at the weekend?
This olive paste traditionally from the city of Marseille will bring the French Riviera to your plate!

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Eclairs au chocolat

Delicious, comforting and a little bit fancy: get your hands on French patisserie by making these chocolate eclairs! Surprisingly easy to make and fabulously indulgent...

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Tartines salées

Chic your apéritif with these Tartines salées: for a posh lunch or a snack to savour with your "Whatsappéro" you only need two things: some tasty bread and your imagination! Here are some lovely suggestions to get you started, from avocado and salmon to honey and goat’s cheese... and many other possibilites!

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Tarte aux fraises

Here is a fresh, elegant recipe to celebrate the start of the strawberry season! This delicious strawberry pie is not only beautiful, it also makes a perfectly summery afternoon snack...

This recipe asks for strawberry coulis - if you can’t find any, you can easily make your own by cooking some strawberries for around 5 mins in a little water with some lemon juice and sugar to taste and then blending them!

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Vegan Tagine

Enjoy a delicious vegan tagine, a healthy meal full of vitamins and vegetables, perfect for the warm days ahead. A convivial dish from North Africa, the Tagine is traditionally cooked in a cone-shaped covered terracotta dish, like the ones you can see on the picture, which is called a....tagine! This modern twist on the recipe can also be prepared in a saucepan with a lid.

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Mousse au chocolat

Our very own Course Director Isabelle has a recipe to share with us! Easy to make and delicious, this Mousse au chocolat is a real rich, tasty sweet treat - and perfect as a cake substitute if you can’t find any flour! If you can’t find any vanilla sugar in sachets, just use two heaped teaspoons of normal sugar and a drop of vanilla essence.

Here is the recipe:

Ingrédients :

  • 3 oeufs
  • 2 sachets de sucre vanillé
  • 1 tablette de 100g de chocolat à croquer
  • 50g d’amandes effilées
  1. Dans une petite casserole à fond épais, casser en morceaux la plaque de chocolat. Ajouter 2 cuillerées d’eau et faire chauffer doucement en remuant.
  2. Dès que le chocolat est fondu, retirer du feu. Ajouter les jaunes d’oeufs en remuant très vite, puis 2 sachets de sucre vanillé.
  3. Ajouter les blancs battus en neige très ferme à la crème. Mélanger doucement les deux préparations.
  4. Verser dans de jolis ramequins et piquer la surface avec les amandes. Garder au frais 2 ou 3 heures avant de servir.

Tarte au chocolat

Looking for a classy, smooth, unctuous chocolatey dessert? The Tarte au chocolat is the perfect solution! A delicious specialty mastered by many great French Patisserie chefs, you can make yours at home and impress either the whole family or your own stomach!

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Quiche Lorraine

Sometimes the simple secrets are the best... The Quiche Lorraine is a dish from the region of Lorraine, in the east of France. Quick and easy to prepare, it makes a tasty meal which can be eaten hot or cold!

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How about making a comforting Brioche? Chocolate spread, raspberry jam or just plain, simple and steaming from the oven - this delicious classic of French Cuisine can be savoured in numerous ways!

The recipe calls for a sachet of yeast; if yours is in a pot, around a heaped teaspoon should do.

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