French learning online resources

Here are a few of our favourite online resources for learning French and finding out about Francophone cultures:

RFI : Radio France Internationale

This French-language radio station is available worldwide. It broadcasts a current affairs programme in easy-to-understand French. Language-learning games and activities, suitable for a range of levels, are available on its website.
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This international Francophone television station offers many fun activities for French learners (games, quizzes, and listening exercises, for example), along with a range of practical resources for teachers. A multifunction dictionary provides definitions, synonyms, conjugations, style information and translations from/into English.
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THE magazine for Francophone Francophiles! Published by the association LCF, this magazine is designed and written by FLE professionals and contains language-learning activities. It can be accessed online by filling in a registration form.
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Parlons français c’est facile !

Let yourself be guided by the webdocs and discover life in France through the eyes of four characters. As you go, workshops and games will help you to understand, learn and practise French.
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A free French-language online multimedia library with many e-books, audio books, videos, podcasts, etc.
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La Bibliothèque Nationale de France

The biggest library in France offers virtual exhibitions, talks, digital libraries, etc. (in more than 8 languages...!)
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La Rmn-GP

The Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais (Rmn-GP) is a public cultural organisation which organises, among other activities, exhibitions in French National museums.
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BBC Education

This BBC website offers French lessons with videoclips and exercises.
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Le Monde

The French daily newspaper of record.
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Courrier International

A weekly news magazine which publishes French translations of the most interesting, unusual and topical articles which have appeared in the international press.
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Le Français dans le monde

A magazine for teachers of French as a foreign language.
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