From the Origins to 2024:

All About the Olympic Games

The UK is a country that loves and appreciates sport. We all remember the fabulous London Olympics in 2012!
Manchester itself is a great sporting city, with endless matches and tournaments and lots of sports-mad fans running around.

This year, it is time for France to shine with the Paris Olympics! And we wanted to celebrate the occasion at the Alliance Française de Manchester with some very special events.

Olympics Exhibition

125 Portland Street will soon be home to an eclectic collection of items related to the Olympic Games.

You can get a sneak preview of the exhibition on 19 April at 6 pm, before our first talk.

The exhibition, open to all from 23 April, will feature a wide range of posters, mascots and medals. Whether you are a sports fan, interested in history or simply curious to find out more, there will be something for you!

The exhibition will focus on London 2012 and Paris 2024 Games, but our collection brings together items from almost all the Olympic Games.

Free and open to all.
Drop in at any time during our opening hours


In collaboration with Lancaster University, we are pleased to present three talks by Cyrille Rollet about fascinating aspects of the Olympic Games. These talks will be held in English.


Cyrille Rollet, our Olympics specialist and collector - also teacher at the Alliance Française and Lancaster University

19 April: The Olympic Games and the Francophone World

This first talk will focus on the organisation of the Olympic Games in French-speaking countries, as well as the importance of French speakers and the place of the French language in the preparation of the modern Games. It will also be an opportunity to examine the successes and failures of French speakers at the Olympics.

6 pm:
Exhibition official opening
7 pm - 8:15 pm: Talk - The Olympic Games and the Francophone World
Alliance Française de Manchester

Registration obligatory
=> Sign up here 

7 June: The Olympic Games - History and Symbolism

Through an overview of the history of the Olympic Games, from their origins to the status they hold today, Cyrille Rollet paints a picture of their evolution and the values they convey. He describes the cultural significance of iconic symbols such as the Olympic torch, the mascots, the Olympic rings and the architecture of the stadiums and the role they play in showcasing host cities with identifiable logos and posters.

6 pm - 7:15 pm
Alliance Française de Manchester

Registration obligatory
=> Sign up here 

5 July: Paris 2024 - Challenges and Legacy

This talk will be about the 2024 Paris Olympic project and the key words associated with it, such as inclusiveness, sustainability, and the environment. The impact of the Olympic Games on the daily lives of Parisians and tourists, as well as the challenges involved in organising such an event will also be discussed (calendar, venues, ceremonies, etc).

6 pm - 7:15 pm
Alliance Française de Manchester

Registration obligatory
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