A training program tailored to you

Orthodidacte is the ideal e-learning platform for motivated students looking to further their progress.

With a focus on improving writing skills, Orthodidacte offers a variety of exercises, mini-lessons, dictation tasks and games that are completely self-paced to suit your schedule.

Orthodidacte targets your precise level of French, offers instant feedback, and is a great resource for extra practice in addition to our courses.

Enhance your learning

  • Rapid evaluation to tailor your self-paced program to your learning needs.
  • For learners of all levels, from beginner all the way to native-speaker level.
  • Benefit from instant feedback and explanations, as well as progress reports to monitor your achievement.
  • Access a rich collection of resources with over 15,000 questions and more than 7,000 audio files.


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