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Our Partners

We are proud to have been supported by the French Embassy in the UK since we were founded in 1997

Our close colleagues with whom we work on educational and cultural projects. 

The AF headquarters in Paris provide a quality framework which ensures that the services at all of the Alliances Françaises around the world are of the same high professional standard.

In the UK, we work within a network of 11 Alliances Françaises, all sharing the same passion. 

Dedicated since 1970 to promoting the French language and political, educational, economic and cultural cooperation.

A free digital library (e-books, audio books, videos, podcasts, etc.).

More than a French television network!
Do not forget to visit their online library and their French learning resources centre

The worldwide French-language video on demand platform.

Manchester's centre for international contemporary art, theatre and film.

Concessionary price on films in French upon presentation of your membership card. When booking online, simply select the student concession price.

Artisan sandwiches, pastries  and bread.

10 % discount on sandwiches and drinks.

An award-winning deli, wine merchant and grocery store.

10% discount on any product.

Online supermarket offering French products. 

10% discount on any order from £35 with the discount code AFMANCHESTER10.


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Phone: 0161 2367117
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