Safeguarding Policy and form


The Alliance Française de Manchester acknowledges its duty of care to children. We take steps to ensure the welfare of children through a safeguarding policy and procedures which are mandatory for everyone in the Alliance Française de Manchester, both staff and volunteers.

The form below, acknowledging and agreeing to the procedures, must be signed by a parent/guardian of every student under the age of 18, before their first class.

A paper copy of the form is available for collection at reception.

Our Safeguarding Lead is Myriam Joly, who can be contacted at

Classes at our premises

Students under 11

Students 11 and over

All children, general information about our premises:
Online classes
Online communications - all classes:
Special provisions for 1-to-1 classes:
Library and Cultural Activities:
Child first name
Child last name

Parent / Guardian contact information

Parent/Guardian first name (1st contact)
Parent/Guardian last name (1st contact)
Parent/Guardian email address (1st contact)
Parent/Guardian phone Number (1st contact)

2nd Parent / Guardian (optional)

Parent/Guardian first name 
Parent/Guardian last name 
Parent/Guardian email address
Parent/Guardian phone Number 

Additional information about your child

Child email address (optional, if you wish class materials to be sent to the child by email)
I consent to my child arriving and leaving unaccompanied (children 11 and over only)
In addition to the parents/guardians named on this form, my child may be collected by the following adult(s):
Any additional information, including special needs, allergies, relevant medical conditions, or anything we need to be aware of to protect the wellbeing of your child:

I have read and accept the Alliance Française de Manchester Safeguarding Procedures and I accept the handling of this data by the Alliance Française de Manchester [parent name]


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