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GCSE Support (Year 10-11)

GCSE support (Years 10-11)

Term-time Classes

For young people in their GCSE years. This interactive online class will help them grow in enthusiasm for the language and boost their confidence in order to reach their full potential for the exam.

Focusing on speaking and writing skills and addressing individual student knowledge gaps, this class will give them lots of opportunity to practise in a small group. Students will talk about key GCSE topics such as future studies, traditions and celebrations or the environment. They will learn helpful strategies such as how to expand a sentence or voice an opinion. Grammar points will include a revision of the main tenses and the use of pronouns.

All materials provided by the teacher.
All our classes are taught by qualified, experienced native-speaker teachers.
To improve the experience and make the most of the online course, we ask all students to turn on their camera and microphone during class.

Pace: Once a week x 1 hour

Sorry, this course is sold out.

But you can be added to a waiting list in case a spot becomes available.

Code: 06/Teens-Y10-11/AFT/T3 22-23
Class length:
- 6+ students: 1h/week
- 5 students: 50min/week

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