To enrol on A DELF-DALF 'Tout Public' Exam

1. Complete the form below.
2. Proceed to payment.
3. We will contact you within 2 working days to confirm your registration.

Sessions are subject to enrolment limits, and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Your place will only be secured once you have made a payment and you have received confirmation from our exam office by email. Where the session you have requested is unavailable, we contact you to confirm transfer to another session or issue a full refund. 

Click here to read the DELF-DALF 'Tout Public' Terms and Conditions. 

If you wish to enrol on a 'DELF PRIM' or 'DELF JUNIOR' exam, please contact us by email or by phone.

DELF-DALF 'Tout Public' Registration Form

First and middle names (as written on your I.D.)
Last Name
Town of birth
Date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
Country of birth
Second nationality (if applicable)
Phone Number
Mother tongue
Full address, including town and postcode
Please tell us about any special needs you have that may require special access arrangements for the exam. In line with Article 5 of the exam terms and conditions you will be required to provide written proof.

Have you ever registered for a DELF/DALF examination before (even if you didn't sit the examination)?
If you have answered yes, please provide the following information
Last level taken 
Candidate Number

Exam level for enrolment 
Session required
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DELF/DALF - certificate re-issue

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DELF A1 'Tout Public' / Junior

DELF A1 'Tout Public' / Junior

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DELF A2 'Tout Public' / Junior

DELF A2 'Tout Public' / Junior

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DELF B1 'Tout Public' / Junior

DELF B1 'Tout Public' / Junior

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DELF B2 'Tout Public' / Junior

DELF B2 'Tout Public' / Junior

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DALF C1 'Tout Public'

DALF C1 'Tout Public'

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